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Name: Bonny & Peppe
Age: (B) 23 (P) 19
Job: Call Centre Operators
Likes: (B) knitting and sexy times with her boyfriend (P)Chicks and Guys, and being fucked on the edge of the bed
Sexiest thing ever done: (B) made a porno with my boyfriend Clyde (P) Wore crotch-less underwear and danced around!
Naughtiest thing ever done: (B) stole a shopping trolley full of groceries (P) Trashed every room in the house
Favourite part of body: (B) My clit (P)Ass, boobs & eyes
Why: (B) Because I like playing with it (P) My ass is pimp! My boobs because they’re fun to play with and my eye’s because they are blue
Biggest fantasy: (B) being tied up and teased (P) Hot sweaty sex with a fire man
My first sexual experience: (B) it was a boy three years older than myself. He played with my tits and finger fucked me (P) I wagged school and did it

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