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Name: Lucy & Vesper
Age: (L) 19 (V) 28
Job: (L) Student (V) Ski instructor
Likes: (L) partying and sports (V) Skiing, climbing, hiking, dance and all things arty!
Sexiest thing ever done: (L) we will soon find out! (V) Licked chocolate off my lovers body
Naughtiest thing ever done: (L) I was bird sitting for some friends of mine and I forgot to feed it and it accidently died (V) gave a boyfriend a full body wax
Favourite part of body: (L) my legs (V) My hair
Why: (L) because they are tanned (V) itís naturally soft and itís long
My last sexual experience: (L) it was amazing. It was with my boyfriend at the beach (V) some friends and I were cuddling under the full moon. The cuddling lead to long lingering caresses. I was between two beautiful men.

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