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Name: Carolina
Age: 29
Job: Pilateís instructor
Likes: Dressing up kinky and teasing and seducing!
Sexiest thing ever done: I dressed up in stockings, suspenders, heels and sexy underwear and surprised my guy at the time. I seduced him and took control of him!
Naughtiest thing ever done: I had a threesome with two hot delicious men. It was awesome being filled up with two cocks. Mmmm
Favourite part of body: My bum, round bootylicious goodness
Why: its round and it stands out, guys love to grab it.
Biggest fantasy: To be seduced by another woman. I have come close but not all the way
My first sexual experience: It was down at the beach on a hot summerís day. We found an old boat shed and found ourselves naked and having sex!

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