Age: (K) 20 (Z) 25
Job: (K) Student (Z) Looking for something new
Likes: (K) Kinky sex, being myself, & dancing (Z) Tennis & the Beach
Sexiest thing ever done: (K) Sex with a couple and a girlfriend (Z) Had sex with a guy at work in the maintenance room!
Naughtiest thing ever done: (K) Sex in a kids playground after a big night out (Z) Had an orgasm on a sex machine on stage
Favourite part of body: (K) Breasts (Z) Eyes
Why: (K) Perfect size (Z) My long lash and alluring look
Biggest fantasy: (K) A threesome with two guys (Z) A hot man and a warm climat and lots of cash
My first sexual experience: K) On my back (Z) I was drink so it wasnt painful

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