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Name: Paula
Age: 22
Job: Wife in Training
Likes: Sweet things, Sex, Music, Animals
Sexiest thing ever done: Pop on a strap-on & use it on Dandy – one very drunk & raunchy night involving a hot bath and candle wax.
Naughtiest thing ever done: Masturbate often while my b/f is asleep & not include him in my ultimate pleasures.
Favourite part of body: Eyes, Ears & Titties
Why: Why not eh?
Biggest fantasy: Girls girls girls – an orgy with a lot of girls *sigh*
My first sexual experience:very drunk and stoned. He was young and I never even knew his name – the only way to ‘lost it’ I think!
My last sexual experience:involved me masturbating. I masturbate A LOT – aside from that I was awoken to pressure on my g-spot last night – my boy is well trained!

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